Musical upbringing gives festival performer JT Hodges a leg up in the country game


It only makes sense that country artist JT Hodges crafts his sound a little differently from most artists, given that the way he discovered music as a kid was different from most.

His father ran a studio in Fort Worth, Texas, which ...

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Toby Keith adds special guest star, JT Hodges


Toby Keith adds ...
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Some might say it was inevitable that JT Hodges would grow up to be a professional musician. Growing up in a musical family -- his dad owned a recording studio and his mother passed up a singing career in favor of being a stay-at-home mom -- the Texas ...

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The Mix Q&A With JT Hodges


Spend a couple minutes talking to JT Hodges and the first thing you’ll realize is that the guy likes to take it easy. If you’re familiar with his ...
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Single Review: JT Hodges - Already High

JT Hodges may not have scored any huge mainstream hits with the singles from his self-titled debut but “Sleepy Little Town,” “Hunt You Down” and “Goodbyes Made You Mine” were all huge hits on ...

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After an acoustic performance and meet and greet at ACM Lifing Lives, JT Hodges joined campers in a sing (and dance!) along of ‘Lean On Me.’ Watch the video here!


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Got The Spotlight: JT Hodges

This Texan is no stranger to the music scene, rather JT Hodges spent a lot of free time growing up in his Dad’s studio, Jim Hodges Buffalo Sound. In fact JT was pretty much surrounded by music since birth. With his “Pops” having studied ...

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Rob Stone's Country Showdown: JT Hodges Beats Easton Corbin

June 17, 2014 6:20 PM

The Country Showdown tonight had Easton Corbin and “Clockwork” going up against the Motor City Debut of JT Hodges “Already High” which did amazing for night number one! JT is your winner with 82.3% of ...

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